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Name: The Grosvenor Topless Sports Bar, Strip Club, Pool Hall & Barber Shop
ABN: The Grosvenor The Valley Pty Ltd
Address: 206 Wickham Street
  Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
  Australia 4006
Contact Phone: 0415815731




Book Your Erotic Entertainment at our Strip Club in Brisbane City

At The Grosvenor strip club in Brisbane City, our strippers are waiting for you to give you an unforgettable show. Through years of experience, they will flawlessly fulfill your expectations and make your wildest fantasies come true. Prepare yourself for a splendid show on which you and your friends or guests will look back for a long time.

What Sets The Grosvenor Apart Regarding Strip Clubs in Brisbane City?

Take a break from the daily pressures of Brisbane's tough business life. It is time to recharge your batteries at the Grosvenor, one of the best strip clubs in Brisbane. Relax in the company of friends or colleagues plus one or more sexy ladies. At The Grosvenor strip club in The Valley, you never have to be alone. One of the naughtiest strip clubs In Fortitude Valley and the surrounding area is waiting for you to discover it.

  • Upon entering, we will give you a warm welcome. Are you not yet aware of the possibilities our strip club offers? We will be happy to explain them to you.
  • Sit at the bar and order a refreshing cocktail or something stronger. It will not take long before one of our topless waitresses bring you the required sustenance. If you are not only thirsty but also quite hungry, you can choose from our extensive menu. Not only do we offer copious dinners, but also vege & vegan alternatives or healthy salads. By the way, we will soon open our OG Hot Dog stand. You will see how we turn a snack that everyone usually eats in a hurry into a delicious meal that should be enjoyed and savoured.
  • Do you prefer to enjoy the live show on stage from a more intimate corner? Choose a premium table next to the stage, a VIP room or a VIP booth. The latter are always in high demand, so make sure to book one in advance.

Our ladies are extremely limber and trained as exotic dancers. They love to show their skills on the dance pole. And what tricks! You must see them with your own eyes to believe it. With us, you will find the right swing.

Tips Regarding Strip Clubs in Brisbane

Is the end of the football season approaching, and are the odds in your favour with your favourite team? Or are you counting down the days to Christmas and want to go out with colleagues or business partners? There is always a good opportunity to spend a few pleasant hours at The Grosvenor, the finest of strip clubs in The Valley.

  • Organise a bachelor party in one of the best Valley strip clubs. Join us with your friends. We offer different arrangements and extremely fun extras to make the experience unforgettable. By the way, no bachelor party is complete without the future groom treated to at least one sexy lap dance. Also consider the services of our topless barber to make sure that he will look tip-top the next day.
  • Consider having a birthday party with us. Especially when the birthday boy gets a zero after their age, it is always something special. The luxurious environment makes blowing out the candles on the cake a great experience.
  • If women are allowed to unite in so-called women's circles or to play Bingo together, why shouldn't men also have the right to have an equally good time? Our experience is that if you have an open and honest relationship with your partner, it is almost always OK. Take turns with them staying at home with the children and take turns enjoying a fun night out, away from home, with friends. Our three Blackpool tables are at your service, and our sports bar with 13 high definition Fox Sport TVs.

Fun Facts About Fortitude Valley Strip Clubs

Some of our customers have known us for many years. Nevertheless, they still regularly make astonishing discoveries. We will admit we like this because for us a visit to Fortitude Valley strip clubs should always have an element of surprise. Hollywood movies tend to paint pictures about strip clubs and strippers that seldom reflect reality.

  • There is a chance, for example, that you are visiting one of the strip clubs in Brisbane for the first time and realise that you know one of the ladies employed by us. Strippers come from all walks of life, from young business students to respectable homemakers who don't want to think about the dishes or the ironing for a while. Rarely, if ever, do women become strippers because they are on the fringes of society and would do anything for money. On the contrary, some choose to become exotic dancers for fun and not for pay.
  • Strippers are smarter than you think, and they are often skilled actresses. After all, it is not easy to play the role of seductress so convincingly and make fantasies come alive. And sometimes, for a while, they even get carried away themselves by their own fantasy. The intimate atmosphere in our club makes it even more real.
  • The purpose of a strip club is to offer relaxation, to temporarily be away from it all. For one man, it is an unspoken dream to be a knight in white armour on his horse, fighting the evil in the kingdom and winning the heart of the princess. Television, cinema, and video games cater for this kind of dreamers. For the others, it is the thought of a woman as beautiful as a princess giving them so much attention.

Located in the heart of Brisbane, The Grosvenor offers you a sparkling atmosphere, luxury and comfort. All you have to do is enjoy. Should you have questions, contact us. Else, we hope to see you soon. Imagine more than a hundred gorgeous women asking you nicely. Who can resist that?

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